We offer comprehensive Professional Development solutions to further advancements in Application Development, BigData Analytics, Change Management, Networking and Cloud Computing with adequate and continuous support from our domain experts. Domain specific solutions based around BFSI, Energy and Power, Media and Graphics etc. ensure there is constant supply and development of resources to keep pace with changing dimensions in functionality and business.


eXcelFrameworks is a Learning Service and Professional Development Solution provider. eXcelFrameworks Learning and Professional Development Solutions are designed to help customers adapt to key business transformations and technological advancement, close skill gaps and foster a continuous talent development environment.

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Our Team

Niranjan Panday


Kaneez Fathima

Delivery Manager

Shuaib Mohammed

Vice President

Raj Kamal Narayan

Learning & Development Sr. Manager


  • 1.
    Big Data & Analycs Training

    Connecng billions of devices of all kinds to the Internet is producing an enormous amount of data that by itself is quite useless unless properly managed and analyzed in order to gain insights leading to desired business outcomes.

    We offer comprehensive training programs that that can help to turn data into informaon resulng in valuable insight

  • 3.
    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning is a part of Arficial Intelligence. It builds algorithms that allow computers to learn how to perform tasks from data instead of requiring a programmer to write code for those tasks.